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Fiat Seal Gasket - Diam 63 mm

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Ref. Code: 14464880

Fiat Original Equipment Part

£4.06 inc. VAT

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Genuine Fiat original equipment part. Supplied as a single (x1) replacement sealing gasket, with dimensions of 3.53 x 63.09.

Note: Chassis number specific part, if unsure of fitment please e-mail prior to ordering.


Application Guide Only:

Nuova 500 (3P)

Prod.M/Y: 2007-2012 Specification: KW55 - POWER:1.3 JTD 75 HP

Nuova Panda (Q2)

Prod.M/Y: 2003-2009 Specification: M73 - M:1250 MJTD 75CV/ 55KW

Panda MY2009 (3U)

Prod.M/Y: 2009-2010 Specification: KW55 - POWER:1248 JTD DPF ECOCF4 - EMISSIONS LEVEL:EEC LIM. STAGE 4

Grande Punto (2Y) 

Prod.M/Y: 2005-2008 Specification: M72 - M:1.3 MJTD 16V CF4 90HP/66KW M73 - M:1.3 MJTD 16V CF4 75CV/55KW

Grande Punto (4C)

Prod.M/Y: 2008-2009 Specification: CC1.3 - DISPLACEMENT (COMMER.):1200-1299 CMBDS - FUEL:DIESEL KW66 - POWER:1.3 JTD 90HP EURO4 KW56 - POWER:1.3 JTD 75 HP EURO4

Grande Punto (3X)

Prod.M/Y: 2009-2013 Specification: CC1.3 - DISPLACEMENT (COMMER.):1200-1299 CMBDS - FUEL:DIESEL

Punto EVO (3J)

Prod.M/Y: 2009-2011 Specification: CC1.3 - DISPLACEMENT (COMMER.):1200-1299 ECOCF4 - EMISSIONS LEVEL:EEC LIM. STAGE 4

Punto FL.03 (2U)

Prod.M/Y: 2003-2010 Specification: M30 - M:1910 JTD 74 KW/100CV

Stilo FLL.2003 (2V)

Prod.M/Y: 2003-2007 Specification: M40 - M:1.9 JTD 58KW/80CV M45 - M:1.9 JTD 8V 100 CV/74KW M50 - M:1.9 JTD 85KW/115CV M60 - M:1.9 JTD 103KW/140CV M61 - M:1.9 JTD 16V F3 126CV/93KW COND DEPOT FRA M62- M:1.9 JTD 16V M83 - M:1.9 JTD 8V CF4 90HP/66KW DEPOT AUSTRIA M87 - M:1910 JTD CF4 8V 115HP/85KW DEPOT BELGIUM M88 - M:1.9 JTD CF4 8V 120HP 88KW M92 - M:1.9 JTD CF4 16V 150HP 110KW

Nuovo Doblo 2009 (3V)

Prod.M/Y: 2009- Specification: CC1.3 - DISPLACEMENT (COMMER.):1248 DIESEL

Nuovo Fiorino-Qubo (3N)

Prod.M/Y: 2007- Specification: CC1.3 - DISPLACEMENT (COMMER.):DIESEL (FIAT) !5SE - WITHOUT EURO 5

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