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Nissan Filter Assembly-Oil

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Ref. Code: 152089F60A

Nissan Original Equipment Part

£8.95 inc. VAT

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Genuine Nissan original equipment part. Sold as an individual (x1) replacement oil filter only. Customers requiring larger quantities, e-mail us to find out how we can assist you.

Note: Chassis number specific part, if unsure of fitment please e-mail prior to ordering.


Application Guide Only:

Micra (K12E)

Prod.M/Y: 0505-0907 Specification: HR16DE

Micra C+C (CK12E)

Prod.M/Y: 0905-0907 Specification: HR16DE

Micra (K13K)

Prod.M/Y: 0710-0613 Specification: HR12DE

Prod.M/Y: 0512-0613 Specification: HR12DR

Prod.M/Y: 0613- Specification: HR12DE +HR12DDR

Note (E11E)

Prod.M/Y: 0106- Specification: HR16DE +STD.HR16DE

Qashqai (J10E)

Prod.M/Y: 1206- Specification: EUA.HR16DE +HR16DE +SAF.HR16DE +MR20DE

Qashqai+2 (JJ10E)

Prod.M/Y: 0905- Specification: EAU.HR16DE +HR16DE +MR20DE

Juke (F15E)

Prod.M/Y: 0710- Specification: HR16DE +MR16DDT

X-Trail (T32)

Prod.M/Y: 0615- Specification: MR16DDT

X-Trail (T31)

Prod.M/Y: 0507- Specification: QR25DE +MR20DE

X-Trail (T30)

Prod.M/Y: 0201- Specification: QR20DE +QR25DE

Almera (N15)

Prod.M/Y: 0496- Specification: SR20DE

Almera (N16E)

Prod.M/Y: 0400-0301 Specification: QG15DE+QG18DE

Almera Tino (V10M)

Prod.M/Y: 0500-0203 Specification: SR20DE

Prod.M/Y: 0301- Specification: QG18DE

Primera (P12E)

Prod.M/Y: 0201- Specification: QG16DE +QG18DE +QR20DE

Primera (P11E)

Prod.M/Y: 0699- Specification: SR20DE

Prod.M/Y: 0900- Specification: QG16DE

Prod.M/Y: 0100- Specification: QG18DE

Pathfinder (R51M)

Prod.M/Y: 0605-0110 Specification: VQ40DE

Murano (Z50)

Prod.M/Y: 1104- Specification: VQ35DE

Murano (Z51)

Prod.M/Y: 0608- Specification: VQ35DE

Cube (Z12)

Prod.M/Y: 0809-1110 Specification: HR16DE

350Z (Z33)

Prod.M/Y: 0703-1007 Specification: VQ35DE

Prod.M/Y: 0107-0308 Specification: C.CV.VQ35HR

Prod.M/Y: 0308- Specification: VQ35HR EXCEPT US/CA

370Z (Z34)

Prod.M/Y: 1109- Specification: VQ37VHR EXCEPT US/CA

NV200 (M20+M20M)

Prod.M/Y: 0809- Specification: HR16DE

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