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Protection (ZE1E) 2018-

Protection (ZE1E) 2018-

Going everywhere in the Nissan LEAF requires you to prepare for a totally new way to drive; feeling free to enjoy the ride. Find practical and stylish protection accessories to match your lifestyle, making keeping your car clean easier than ever.

Protection (ZE1E) LHD 2018- Protection (ZE1E) LHD 2018- (1)
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Car Coat Hanger
Ref. Code: KS87299900
Child Seat 9-18kg Britax Duo Plus
Ref. Code: KS53099990
LEAF Illuminated Entry Guards
Ref. Code: G69503NL0A
LEAF (ZE1E) Bumper Upper Protection
Ref. Code: 999B18600C
LEAF (ZE1E) Cargo Organiser with Divider
Ref. Code: T99C25SA0A
LEAF (ZE1E) Floor Mats, Velour with Black Stitching RHD
Ref. Code: KE7555S001
LEAF (ZE1E) Floor Mats, Velour with Blue Stitching RHD
Ref. Code: KE7555S00B
LEAF (ZE1E) Mudguards Front & Rear, Painted, Solid White (326) (More Options...)
Ref. Code: KE7885SH0A
LEAF (ZE1E) Trunk Entry Guards
Ref. Code: KE9675S020
LEAF (ZE1E) Trunkliner, Reversible with Bose
Ref. Code: KE9655S0S0
LEAF (ZE1E) Trunkliner, Reversible without Bose
Ref. Code: KE9655S0S1
LEAF (ZE1) LHD Rubber Mats Set
Ref. Code: KE7485S001
Locking Wheel Nut Set
Ref. Code: KE40989951